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Chelsea Mansion Block Roof Survey

Our team at EK Specialist Surveys has recently undertaken a complex project in the heart of Chelsea, London.

To overcome the challenge of no direct access to the roof we were instructed to undertake a drone survey by the Property Manager. We were able to complete the drone survey in half a day, ensuring minimal disruption to residents.

The use of the drone also enabled us to conduct close inspections of various elements of the roof ensuring a comprehensive and accurate analysis.  Furthermore, there was no need for expensive access equipment such as scaffolding vastly reducing costs to the service charge of the building.

As with any intricate operation our team encountered a number of challenges during the course of the survey. These challenges included managing and controlling the operation area, maintaining visual line of sight (VLOS) of the drone and avoiding natural hazards such as trees.

The survey was located in two of London’s restricted airspace areas (R157 and London Heliport FRZ). This required additional permissions from London Heliport ATC & DaPD prior to the commencement of the operation.

The drone effectively dealt with the  challenges in undertaking this survey through meticulous planning and leveraging their expertise and experience of working in similar complex environments across the 10 years of EK Digital providing drone surveys.



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