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Granville House roof and elevations survey

EK Specialist Surveys recently conducted a comprehensive survey of the roof and elevations of a residential block located in Poplar, East London for a prestigious Housing Association client.

In order to tackle the challenge of the lack of safe access to the roof EK Digital’s drone was deployed. This not only eliminated the need for scaffolding or other expensive access equipment but also ensured the operation was conducted with the utmost efficiency and safety.  The drone captured all elements of the building’s roof and elevations in detail, delivering invaluable and high-quality data that accurately illustrated the condition of the building’s envelope.

As with any complex operations our team faced several challenges during the course of the survey. These included managing and controlling the operation area, maintaining visual line of sight (VLOS) of the drone and avoiding natural hazards such as trees & seagulls during nesting season. 

Furthermore the location of the survey fell within two of London’s restricted airspace (R159) and London City Airport FRZ. This required additional permissions from Air Traffic Control & DaPD before the operation could take place. Our team overcome this obstacle through meticulous planning, thorough preparation and the expertise of our highly experienced staff who are experts at flying in complex environments.



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