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Hutton & Rostron elevation survey

Elevation Survey of a Large Commercial Building in Central London

he drone was used to efficiently and safely record all elements of the elevations especially at high level to give an illustration of the condition of the building’s facades for EK Specialist Survey’s surveyor client to support their findings. The data was delivered using our in house software allowing the images to be annotated and located on the facade in a logical manner.

The central London location meant a safe, cost effective and time efficient method was required to record all necessary data. Using the drone ensured close inspection of the elevations without costly access equipment or scaffolding.

Challenges for the drone team included:

  • Management of the operation area to ensure members of the public were informed of the location of the drone and avoided walking underneath it. 
  • Maintaining VLOS (visual line of sight) of the drone at all times, requiring a high level of communication between ground crew and the remote pilot at all times. 
  • Liaising with the active construction site neighbouring the building to ensure they were aware of the drone survey and ensure this did not affect their operations.
  • Working alongside the onsite CDM team to ensure our operation was performed safely and effectively to their expected high standards.
  • The building was located within R158 restricted airspace. This required careful planning and specific permissions beyond our standard Operational Authorisation (OA) to be in place prior to the survey being undertaken.



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Drone building survey

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