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Roman Road Residential Block

EK Specialist Surveys recently undertook a Thermal Survey of a residential block in East London. 

The objective of the survey was to assist the team at EK Retrofit in identifying thermal anomalies in the building’s envelope. The survey was conducted with the intention of highlighting areas showing thermal patterns consistent with: 

  • Air Leakage – Where the building structure and substructure fixings are not sufficiently insulated to prevent conducted heat.
  • Discontinuous insulation – This can cause heat to be lost from a building and can lead to condensation within the property as well as energy loss.
  • Water ingress -Which can cause structural damage and exacerbate condensation and energy loss issues.

Due to the location and height of the block, the survey was undertaken using both a Flir infrared handheld camera and thermally equipped drone, enabling full and accurate coverage of the whole building and roof areas. 

Challenges for the team included: the location being in a highly congested area in East London requiring management of the area the drone was operated from including further safety mitigations such as area lighting and cordons.

Our thermal report indicates many adverse thermal anomalies on a large amount of the scanned external surfaces. Most of these thermal anomalies were consistent with low or missing insulation or air gaps behind the surface cladding boards. Further to our thermal report EK Retrofit are now able to provide targeted advice on works that are needed to improve the energy efficiency of the building.


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