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EK Specialist Surveys is committed to using the very latest surveying technology and techniques to create more efficiency and certainty for our construction and property clients.

Before drones or specialist rope access services accessing elevated areas of a multi-storey building required a scaffold, access through residents’ or tenants’ demised areas or often unsafe passage from roofs.

Inspecting at close quarters and taking the necessary photographs from the right angles was often a compromise. Now we are able to provide our clients with high definition video and stills through the use of state-of-the-art drones .

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A building surveyor armed with a drone is a formidable combination where access is difficult, unsafe or expensive to achieve. Here are some reasons why a drone survey may be ideal for your buildings’needs:


Clients and managing agents have obligations to follow UK Working at Height Regulations. Operating a drone from the ground ensures the risk of a fall is eliminated. 


 A drone survey can be commissioned and a surveyor can be on site within a few days. That means immediate UHD video or stills available to us to analyse and report on, and also for your client to supplement our write-up. In most cases, there is no need to rely on the availability of residents or tenants to access areas visible from their flats (or through their flats to access the roofs).


The use of drone services precludes the need for expensive scaffolding or safety harnesses. Where expenditure restrictions are in place for budgetary or statutory (‘section 20’) reasons, drones can fulfil a landlord’s obligations at a far lower cost. 

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