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Roof Safety Inspections

At EK Specialist Surveys, we understand the importance of roof safety and the need for regular inspections to ensure that your roof is safe and secure.

That’s why we offer Roof Safety Inspections, providing a range of safety testing and certification services for your roof. Our expertly trained technicians work to the strictest safety standards and use cutting-edge equipment to carry out inspections on eyebolts, guardrails, and ladders. We believe that there cannot be any compromise when it comes to working at height safely, and we will let you know fast if we identify any concerns.

Regular roof safety inspections are essential to identify any potential hazards and ensure that your roof is compliant with safety regulations. At EK Specialist Surveys, we take roof safety seriously and are committed to providing reliable and accurate data to help you maintain a safe and secure building.

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Safety Testing and Certification

Our Safety Testing and Certification Services include Mansafe Systems Testing and Certification, Height Safety Testing, Ladder Testing, Eyebolt Testing, Concrete and Masonry Testing (hammer rebound), Lightning Conductor Testing, Guardrails Testing, and Edge Protection Assessments. We have tested and certified thousands of mansafe systems on residential and commercial premises, and we specialise in easy-to-instruct, volume testing and certification of mansafe systems.

British Standards

We work to British Standards and are fully insured, providing clear reporting with hi-res images and recommended remedial solutions for an end-to-end service. Our Roof Safety Inspections are a comprehensive way of ensuring that your roof is safe and secure, providing peace of mind for building owners, tenants and residents.

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