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Building Performance Surveys

At EK Specialist Surveys, we understand that building performance is a critical factor in achieving energy saving and carbon reduction goals.

That’s why we offer Building Performance Surveys, which include thermal surveys to assess the energy efficiency of your building. Our team of qualified experts uses cutting-edge technology to provide a technical analysis and detailed report on the performance of your building.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in providing Building Performance Surveys and have been doing so since 2013. Our experience and use of cutting-edge technology ensure that we provide accurate and reliable data to help you better understand your building’s performance.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your energy saving and carbon reduction goals with our Building Performance Surveys.

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Thermal surveys

Our thermal surveys use a combination of ground based infrared cameras and thermally equipped drones, which are a non-destructive and cost-effective way of capturing high-quality data about a building’s performance or to locate defects efficiently with minimal impact on the users of the building.

Tailored services

Our Building Performance Surveys can be combined with our other specialist services to provide a comprehensive understanding of how your asset is performing. This helps you make informed decisions on how to achieve your energy saving and carbon reduction goals.

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