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EK Specialist Surveys

Leak Trace and Detection Surveys

EK Specialist Surveys offers specialist Roof Leak Trace and Detection Surveys to help building owners and managers locate and fix roof leaks.

Roof leaks can cause damage to a building’s finishes and premature deterioration of its fabric, but identifying the cause of roof leaks can be difficult, and that’s where our Leak Detection Specialists come in. We carry out detailed Roof Leak Investigations that systematically eliminate possible causes until the source is identified.

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Comprehensive Leak Detection services

Our comprehensive range of Leak Detection services includes Earth Leakage Leak Detection to locate penetrations through waterproof coverings that are causing roof leaks, Thermal Imaging to identify areas of trapped moisture or defective insulation, Moisture Scanning to locate areas of damp insulation or moisture paths, Dye Testing to confirm the integrity of elements or details, Visual Inspection to locate suspect elements and Hose and Flood Testing to confirm the integrity of suspect elements.

Experience in a range of leak detection techniques

We employ the most suitable technique or combination of techniques to solve water ingress problems and confirm the source of a roof leak. Once the roof leak has been identified, we can recommend the most effective solution to repair the source of the leak. Our Leak Detection services are designed to save building owners and managers time and money by quickly and accurately locating the source of the problem, minimising damage and disruption.

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